Air Coolers

DC-41 Metal Industrial Heavy-duty Largest Air Cooler

Metal Industrial Heavy-duty Largest Air Cooler 

Max airflow 41000m3/h
Voltage 220-240V
Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Input power 1300w
Blower type Axial-flow type
Water consumption 25-35L/H
Water tank capacity 200L
Overall size 1100*1900*1400mm
Weight 137Kg
Noise 70Db
Application area 100-150 m2

Outdoor AC / Outdoor Air conditioner

Product Description
This Outdoor air conditioner is special portable air conditioner. this mobile air conditioner rugged design features a standard 220 V power source, it can handle temperatures up to 45°c. while traditional AC cant.
This outdoor air conditioner can be used for indoor or outdoor also it can be used for temporary cooling can be installed anywhere without worry about extensive ducting work and installation.

This outdoor AC can be used as indoor or outdoor air conditioner. also its the best solution for temporary, and Data-center / server room cooling.


Portable devices are used in a variety of applications, including HVAC system when the main goes down, you want the cooling in a certain area or extra cooling, and when just need a Outdoor air conditioner. Blocks, which can both cool and heat are in high demand, but also there are other trends that include remote monitoring and, for larger units, the ability to conform to the standard width of the doorway.
Portable heat pumps
Airrex company supplies portable units, dehumidifiers, high-efficiency air filtration units and heat pumps for cooling and heating.
Bill Hohmut, Vice President of sales, Airrex said: “Our modules are used in residential and commercial applications. They can be used for cooling computer rooms, crops, animals, tents, open work areas, equipment, and mostly people/workers.
Heat pumps, which cooled and heated will soon become the largest fastest growing sector on the rental market,” said Hohmut. It is now possible to rent only one unit, which will warm up and cool down.

DC-22 Outdoor Air Cooler


This Indoor / Outdoor Air Cooler ideal for large workshop cooling with multiple speed set points and significant air flow up to 22,000 Cubic meters per hour this cooling fan size 46” motor power 1100 kW. With back side honeycomb evaporative media this industrial evaporative Outdoor air cooler can provide cold air with wet-bulb efficiency up to 85%. It can also clean the air from dust. Easy to move with caster wheels and it can be used outdoor for open areas providing huge fresh air flow.

Water tank capacity126L

Max airflow 22000m3/h
Voltage 100-127V/220-240V
Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Input power 1.1Kw
Blower type Axial-flow type
Water consumption 15-20L/H
Overall size capacity.126L 1120*720*1750mm
Weight 62Kg
Noise 68Db
Application area 120-180 m2

DC-18 Industrial Air Cooler

This Industrial Air Cooler provides the best performance and energy efficiency with less operation cost, maintenance free operation. this industrial air cooler designed for industrial applications in large factories and warehouses where using traditional Air conditioners can be very expensive.

Max airflow 18000m3/h
Voltage 100-127V/220-240V
Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Input power 750w
Blower type Axial-flow type
Water consumption 10-15L/H
Water tank capacity 60L
Overall size 1120*720*1500mm
Weight 58Kg
Noise 68Db
Application area 30-50 m2

DC-12 Evaporative Air Cooler

This Evaporative Air cooler is perfect cooling product to beat summer heat. Thick plastic housing with high quality rugged quality. making this evaporative air cooler ideal for industrial and commercial application. This evaporative cooler air flow is so powerful and it can move cold air to reach larger area.

Max airflow 12000m3/h
Voltage 100-127V/220-240V
Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Input power 450w
Blower type Axial-flow type
Water consumption 8-10L/H
Water tank capacity 60L
Overall size 900*600*1430mm
Weight 45Kg
Noise 60Db
Application area 60-80 m2

DC-70 Mobile Air Cooler

This Mobile air cooler is ideal solution for your home or business with mobile design can be moved easily. This mobile air cooler uses water to provide cold air with evaporation process. Its consumes much less power than compressor based air conditioners. This mobile air cooler can be used for indoor and outdoor.

Max air flow 7000m3/h
Voltage 100-127V/220-240V
Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Input power 290w
Blower type Axial-flow type
Water consumption 4-6L/H
Water tank capacity 70L
Overall size 860*530*1400mm
Weight 35Kg
Noise 65Db
Application area 30-50 m2

DC-025 Portable Air Cooler

DC-025 portable air cooler for indoor use, with slim design and light weight this portable air cooler is easy to move and use it to cool a small room or office. This little portable air cooler consumes only two litters per hour and power only 40W. Perfect for humidification and as a backup or to support existing Air conditioner.

Max air flow 2500m3/h
Voltage 120-127V/220-240V
Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Input power 100w
Output power 40w
Blower types Axial-flow type
Water consumption 105-2L/H
Water tank capacity..25L
Overall size 550*280*1073mm
Weight 13Kg
Noise 40Db
Application area 15-20 m2

TEC-80X Portable Cooler

TEC-80X Portable Cooler

In hot and humid weather country like UAE its really very important to have AC or cooling appliance to keep your home cool. Portable air cooler is good option to help existing air conditioner to perform better with much less power consumption. Since air conditioners dehumidify the air. air coolers adding water to achieve comfortable humidity level indoor. This portable air cooler can be used also as outdoor AC or outdoor air conditioner. It provides much more air flow than air conditioners and it consumes much less electricity. Also this portable air cooler widely used as patio cooler in restaurants and smoking areas provides cold air in outdoor space.

This portable Air cooler is very easy to maintain uses only water. You can support it with ice cubes in order to get colder air.

  • Dimension:    1400X850X470mm 
  • Weight:           38kg
  • Airflow:           8000 M/H
  • Power:             380 Watt
  • Voltage:           220~240V
  • Water Tank : 100 Liter