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Air Conditioners

Air Conditioner

Air conditioning is a room air conditioner that regulates temperature and humidity. Hanging air conditioning is a unit that provides a process air temperature change to a space area (typically close). Its function is to regulate the air temperature, humidity, cleanliness and air velocity in the room to meet the requirements of human comfort or process.

Air conditioning companies have introduced children’s air conditioning, kitchen air conditioning. Making the air-conditioning as attractive as the film itself, and the summer season replacing the winter season. Then there were plenty of indoor entertainment venues open all year round, such as casinos, indoor stadiums and shopping malls that because we have air conditioning.

The use of environmentally friendly air-conditioning in the community intensive or short term use and the need for rapid cooling places, such as: auditorium, conference rooms, churches, schools, cafeteria, exhibition halls, shoe factories, garments factories, markets.

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Environmental Air Conditioning Maintenance:

  • Before the start of the use of the season, check the air around the unit and whether the obstruction.
  • Should pay attention to chassis cleaning, should be a day by “cleaning” key to clean bacteria, odor occurs.
  • Units run 1-2 months, in the case of wet curtain, filter clogging or chassis dirty should be cleaned, so as not to cause the machine failure.
  • A long time do not, remember to drain and cut off the power. To prevent freezing damage to the body and mosquito breeding, prolonged shutdown, the tap should be closed and cut off the power supply.

Air conditioner can be used for a decade. Therefore, air conditioner must not be cheap, buy depends the quality of the product. Whether to use brand-name compressor, high quality and efficient heat exchanger, super-cooling (heat), quickly reach the set temperature, product appearance is beautiful whether harmony with the home environment, energy saving the higher the cooling the lower the input power, see product’s noise figure.

Another purchase depends on the evaporator air conditioning, condenser ribs arranged in tidy, no broken pieces, ribs and copper tightly. Choose low carbon air conditioning to reduce carbon emissions, the implementation of low-carbon environmental protection.

WE have a wide range of air conditioners Split, floor standing air conditioners,Packaged AC and portable air conditioners. Our AC cooling capacity available from 9,000 BTU and up to 60,000 BTU (one to five ton). Many shapes and sizes suit any cooling application.

We offer free installation service within Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

We offer those air conditioners for sale or rent, our rental services for cooling Outdoor events tents data centers, offices, and hotels.

Temporary cooling Rental Service rates for the short or long term on Daily / weekly and monthly basis.

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