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Outdoor Cooling

Cooling of a confined area is commonly seen and there is no magic in it anymore. But have you ever thought of any system or a way that is able to cool outdoor area? Yes! It is totally possible now with the evaporative outdoor cooling systems. This outdoor cooling has been applied in Dubai and the Emirates through various techniques. At “Desert-cooler” we divide into 2 main categories:


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The mechanism behind these outdoor evaporative cooling systems is quite interesting to know. The water is pumped with high pressure and let this water to go through a special nozzle. Due to the high pressure and the effect of the special nozzle water is atomized into tiny droplets creating a fine mist. Then, in the outdoor cooling system, this fine mist blows out with the help of the cooling fan behind. The size of one of the water droplets in the fine mist created by the outdoor misting cooling system is 10 microns. This is one tenth of the size of a human hair. When that fine mist is evaporated, the heat in the surrounding area is absorbed. This will make that area cooler and more comfortable.

The level of work of the outdoor cooling systems are dependent on the humidity outside. Lower the outside humidity higher the outdoor cooling systems work. Therefore, you can get the maximum use of the outdoor cooling systems in the dry zone and during the summer season and hot, sunny day.

The companies that manufacture these outdoor mist cooling systems have introduced a variety of outdoor cooling solutions that are suitable for any place. The sports sector consumes these outside cooling systems largely. The misting fans and misters will provide the cool and comfortable environment for the players as well as the spectators.

Not only in outdoor games you can use the outdoor event cooling systems anywhere you want. Home, office, outdoor festivals, shopping moles, bars, restaurants, hotels, swimming pool are some of the places where you can set up an outdoor cooling system.

On the other hand, the outdoor air conditioning systems are now available as portable misting systems. You can take that portable misting fan wherever you go and cool yourself quite easily. These portable outdoor cooling systems are very popular with hill climber, beach goers, marathon runners, and cyclists.

In addition to cooling outside, the outdoor air cooling systems have totally different other purposes. The landscaping and special water effects are other things. These especial water effects are created by the same principle of the outdoor cooling systems. The other trend is thermal curtains. In spite of using air conditioner inside, you can now use outdoor cooling systems as thermal curtains to prevent the heat coming inside and stay cool lifetime.

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