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Misting systems & Fans

Misting systems & Fans

In Dubai, We can see misting applications in many places. They are a must in stables & farms to save animals from heat stress. They are common for visual effects with outdoor cooling. Misting also used to suppress dust, clean air and even to repel mosquito’s.

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A Misting Fan is a device that is used to throw air over the surroundings, but as compared to an ordinary electric fan, the misting fan also sprays a slight amount of moisture with air to cool the air. Misting Fans uses the idea of evaporative cooling in which the evaporation of water generates a cooling effect. In Misting Fans, the concept of evaporative cooling is enhanced and taken to the next level which makes these fans more productive than evaporative air coolers.

Misting Fan works on the principle of thermal dynamics and evaporative cooling. High-pressure water is pumped to reach a level of 1000PSI (pounds per square inch). Nozzles of misting fans break the water into fine droplets. This creates a thin mist of water which evaporates almost immediately and thus causing cooling. An electric fan can throw this moist air from a distance of several hundred yards or more.

If you ever attended a large outdoor event like a match in a stadium or a Funfair you may come to know about large misting fans in those places which are used to make the people feel comfortable during hot days and in summer. In addition to outdoor areas where large misting fans are used, there are misting fans available for home use. They are much smaller and lighter but provides the full functionality of misting fans. These misting fans can be used in homes, rooms, and greenhouses and even in a garage or any place where we can use an ordinary fan. Misting fans also find its uses in a great shopping Malls and Plazas. They are not only beautiful than regular fans but also more efficient than them.

There are three types of Misting Systems (with or without mist fans):

Low-Pressure Misting (very wet):

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Low-Pressure Misting Fan Systems operates by standard water pressure at homes without the need for an expensive misting pump. Low pressure misting systems typically run between 50 and 80Psi. These are inexpensive and cheap. Although they operate at a much low pressure but still they can reduce the temperature to as much as 15◦C.


Normally a low-pressure system is a better way to go for home users because they are inexpensive but still provide reasonable cooling. A standard low-pressure misting fan can be purchased in Dubai UAE for 200 AED or less. Since the low-pressure system doesn’t require a pump, so they have provided the greatest advantage of energy saving i-e you don’t have to worry about dedicating a separate electrical outlet for misting pump. Another advantage is that they are much noiseless which come from high pressure misting fan sometimes. A disadvantage of low-pressure fans is that due to their low-pressure nature they are not much powerful and throws air just at some short distance.

Mid Pressure Misting (Wet):

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Mid Pressure Misting Fans came with a Mid Pressure Misting Pump having the pressure higher than low-pressure fans but less than high-pressure fans i-e 160Psi. And thus produces high quality and quantity of mist than low-pressure fans. These fans create fine small droplets of water and the fan(s) creates such more movement than low-pressure fans thus resulting in much efficiency and less residual moisture. They also cool much larger are off the air than low pressure misting fans.

Mid pressure misting fans are available with portable stands and with wall mount brackets for a more beautiful and attractive look. They cost more than low-pressure fans but is an economical alternative to High-pressure fans. Some disadvantages of mid pressure fans include that they provide some residual moisture in humid areas, and you cannot run more than two intermediate pressure fans on a single pump.

High-Pressure Misting (Best cooling):

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High-Pressure Misting fans are what we usually see in Stadiums, restaurants, and large shopping malls. A high-pressure missing fan consists of a high pressure misting pump which operates at 800-1200 Psi.

A high pressure misting Fan is much efficient than the above two. But it is also much more expensive. The price of High pressure misting fans in Abu Dhabi and Dubai varies from 3000 AED  to 6000 AED by their size and specifications.

Instead of their expensiveness they, in turn, also helps to save energy in the major outdoor areas, as by covering a large area(air volume).

As with any misting system, the lower your humidity, the more efficient the misting system operates. This is because in areas with low humidity it is much easier for the mist to evaporate due to the air being “dry quickly.” The more mist that evaporates, the more cooling relief you will feel!

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