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Misting Fans

Misting fans and fogging systems –IDEAL for outdoor cooling for CAFE’s & other patios!

Dubai’s heat and heat, and so eager to coolness. Fan air cooler, fogging systems help to cope with the heat and sweating. Thanks to its functional characteristics,fan, mounted on the street and makes the environment comfortable for outdoor cooling.
If you are the owner of a café, restaurant, fitness center, cottages with area for relaxation or any other space with an open territory, then this solution is for you. Your customers will be grateful for their comfort and gratitude to clients is your success.

Portable misting fans

Some of portable misting fans we offer for UAE costumers

26' 30L mist fan - Desert-cooler Dubai

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26' 42L misting fan -Desert-cooler Dubai


Outdoor Mist cooling fans just like outdoor air coolers need electricity and water. The connection will take a little time. Due to its mobility, the fan can be easily moved. Principle of operation the fan is very simple. Water pressure turns into microscopic droplets. Using ambient heat Wednesday, water vapor, evaporate, thereby cooling the space around. Using the device, you can lower the temperature of the surrounding space for 5-8 c. To evaporate 1 g water will require 600 calories of heat. Evaporation rate depends on the speed of the molecules than the movement speed of the molecules above, so evaporation is intensified. Remember, in windy weather is always colder. The process of converting water into steam takes place without the use of harmful substances, so the cooling process environmentally friendly and not harmful to health. Fan operation is accompanied by a slight mist in its area of work.

wall mist cooling fan in dubai


Want to buy a misting fan or order fogging system restaurant, cafe or restaurant ? Doubt in choosing? We will be happy to advise you, pick the model you want, if you want to do project on outdoor cooling and of course perform qualitative installation just in time!

call us now we offer misting fans rental service in Dubai and Abu Dhabi also !


These mist fan systems come in a variety of trim levels. Depending on the territory of use you can choose the model with increased capacity and permanent connection to the mains. Using the speed adjustment you can adjust the intensity of cooling air. Large blades increase cooled square plot. The area, which may cool the fan, misting fans depending on power ranges from 130 up to 140 M3. Water tank size depending on the mist fan model, when water consumption, fluctuating from 0-15 l/h depending on the installed capacity.
misting fan create a unique atmosphere, find themselves in the coniferous forest or alpine meadows will help aromatic additives added to the water. Biological aerobic supplements help to combat anaerobic bacteria. When using the misting fan removes dust, pollen, odors, particles in the air. Bothersome insects will no longer bother.
Within 1 year from the date of sale on fogging systems warranty. In case of withdrawal of the device we will have a warranty repair or replacement product will launch in case of any defect.
Through the work of such a device, the air is clean, the air humidity is normalized, will increase the number of visitors.