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Desert Cooler offers the full range of outdoor coolers and outdoor heaters for rent.

Outdoor cooler will allow to create the necessary temperature conditions in large rooms and tents are in the open space. Due to the low level of noise is very often use this unit at major events. Basically, the need for outdoor cooling only occurs in the summer, so for the greatest savings, we recommend you to rent an Outdoor cooler.

If you have any party or outdoor event in your garden, we will be happy to assist you with our rental service.

Our Outdoor coolers range from small 500 m3 per hour and up to industrial 23000 m3 per hour all available to hire.

Our most popular cooler rental model is the 8000 CMH. This outdoor AC cooler is the perfect choice for people who are looking for high air flow along with beautiful design shape.

On the other hand, we do also offer electrical outdoor heaters and gas patio heaters for rent.

The available outdoor heaters models for hire are Both Mushroom, and pyramid flame glass tube heaters.


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