Outdoor Air Coolers


Evaporative air coolers are ideal for eco-friendly, economical and efficient cooling of big premises (warehouses, workshops, hangars, workshops, gyms, etc.), creation of cool areas on the open spaces, cooling air under canopies, tents, creating a comfortable climate on mass events. where conventional air conditioners cooling is too expensive or not possible at all.


Portable outdoor air coolers does not require installation and attracting specialist, i.e.devices are “Plug & Play”to use them enough to extract from the package, fill with water and connect to a network 220 volts.


Outdoor coolers is the most mobile and autonomous decision. Sturdy transport wheels make it easy to move the appliance in the desired location. In the absence of a permanent connection to the waterway, coolers can be filled with water fromall reservoirs.


Initial cost of Outdoor coolers lower than split-systems and air conditioners, and operating costs in the tens of times lower, due to the low energy consumption. For example unit designed to cool the 200 m ² will cost about 33 AED Fils per-hour working day!


The technique of Port-A-Cool ® allows you to increase the productivity of workers and equipment in the summer at 20-60%. Studies show that by maintaining a comfortable temperature in the workplace can significantly improve conditions for working and consequently increase their productivity and the quality of produced goods. In accordance with the NASA (United States) rise in temperature at 1 degree above +22° c reduces the productivity of working at 3.6%. That is, at a temperature of + 32 c°productivity reduced by 36%. In addition, the same study, NASA has proved that at a temperature of + 32 c° probability working three times more errors than at normal temperature 2022 degrees.


Outdoor air coolers applications are unlimited: outdoor events , date centers, workshops, garages, paras. oil change,  restaurants, cafes, outdoor activities, tents and pavilions, outdoor cooling, Open Air restaurants and mass outdoor activities, industry and construction, shops, workshops, warehouses, construction sites, creating cool zones in open areas, stadiums, tennis courts and outdoor swimming pools, farms, stables, greenhouses, greenhouses , industrial premises, dachas, hangars, trade and catering at airports, baggage terminals.


Application of Outdoor coolers


What is evaporative outdoor cooler?

Remember the cool wind, felling your skin after a swim on a hot day? This is a natural evaporative cooling. Even the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans used to cool moist reed mats or cloth that hung in doors, Windows and other openings. Wind passing through a moist cloth, with water, allowing decreased temperature indoors. India thus cooled huge palaces. Outdoor air coolers uses the same principle of operation: fan creates a vacuum cooler casing, tighten the hot air through the wet pump filter element evaporates water, which reduced output air temperature at 8° c and more. Outdoor cooler uses the most eco-friendly of modern methods of cooling, because it does not use any chemicals, and are released as CO2 greenhouse gases that contributes to the preservation of the ozone layer. In addition to Outdoor Air coolers feature our outdoor coolers filtering are also adding less air humidification, that favorably affects the climate in the rooms.outdoor air cooler evaporative pad made from glued sheets of strong paper impregnated with insoluble resin processed special structure prevents rotting due to moisture and are the most durable on the market.Outdoor coolers specially designed cell configuration provides the most uniform wetting the entire surface of the elements and the maximum cooling efficiency due to the large working area and high volatile ability.