Pyramid Heaters


Who will be interested in pyramid outdoor heaters?

Where more elegant look is required like restaurants, cafes and hotels with partially covered, or outdoor facilities our various Pyramid heaters designed to provide stylish, practical warmth at an acceptable cost, in extended seating areas.

The LED Pyramid heaters and ones with quarts tubes can really have great look specially at night.

Effective Range and coverage:

The comforting warmth from a single outdoor heater will cover about 2 meters circle. The outdoor heaters is a comfort heater, and the coverage is the area in which people will receive a comforting amount of warmth, some individuals require more warmth or less heat than others to be comfortable and will either turn the heater up or down or move closer or farther away as they desire.

Where to locate outdoor heaters:

Outdoor heaters naturally attract people to their warm infrared glow. Find the outdoor heaters where people can readily gather, sit or stand comfortably, and where furnishings can easily be moved to the best accommodate the warmth.

Some examples:

  • Outdoor restaurant patios and waiting for areas.
  • Swimming pool decks and the lounging area around the hotel pools.
  • Suspend outdoor heaters above or around spas and hot tubs.
  • Seating areas around concessions and commercial sales outlets.
  • Sporting events, social event, media events.



Pyramid Heater technical specifications (typical):

Contact us for more options including LED pyramid heaters and more.

Rental available within Dubai and Abu Dhabi only

Base post:900mm in length(4pcs)
Mesh post:1330mm in length(4pcs)
Safety mesh:160mm*250mm*605mm(4pcs),250mm*335mm*605mm(4pcs)
Protect mesh:180mm*180mm*25mm
Tube base: 370mm*370mm*25mm
Tube protected board:280mm*280mm*20mm
Flame Screen: Dia.103.5mm*55mm
Quartz tube:Dia.100mm*1250mm
Top Reflector: 460mm*460mm*55(H)mm
Total Height: 2200mm(H) ,8kW
Fuel: Propane or Butane or their mixture.
Flux: 590g/hr.


General rules for locating outdoor heaters:

Outdoor heaters can operate effectively to maintain a comfort level even in completely exposed areas, although a weather protected areas are desirable.

Weather and wind protection allows the surrounding air to be warmed and used to enhance the direct radiant warming effects. When adding outdoor heaters to existing construction, due consideration should be given to locating the outdoor heaters as near as possible to people.

Always located outdoor heaters so specified clearances to combustible materials and flammable materials.

Clearance from top must be at least 60cm

Clearance from sides of reflector must be at least 80cm

When multiple outdoor heaters are used:

When more than one outdoor heaters are used in one area, it’s generally preferable to locate them close together. Multiple outdoor heaters located on 2-3 meters centers give overlapping heat patterns. This means the total heat reaches people in between the outdoor heaters and will provide comfort in weather even cooler than possible with a single outdoor heater.

How many outdoor heaters to use:

Restaurants and cafes generally use groups of outdoor heaters in their outdoor patio dining areas. The numbers may range from one to fifty outdoor heaters in total, or the number required to cover the desired seating areas. The circle of warmth generated by a single outdoor heater is sufficient for most spa areas and that private patio. Large pool and recreational areas benefit from extended use when several outdoor heaters are placed where people naturally gather.