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Air Coolers and outdoor coolers


outdoor air coolers dubai

Air Cooler is an appliance that’s taken on rent by individuals when the summers aren’t that long. Air Coolers are also leased during occasions in summers.

Outdoor Air coolers are broadly used at the below occasions:
Outside Events or Functions (such as Wedding, Funerals, Party, opening service, product launching)
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Rental available within UAE only

Our dependable and effective air to air coolers/portable air conditioners have an extensive array of uses. We ensure a quick-seasonal reaction. We provide air cooler rental and AC hire, both accessible from our extensive dealer network. They create cold atmosphere that is carried through flexible air hoses and spread by air plenums or air ducting.
The units are safe to work, are packaged in an entire collection and feature environmentally sensitive operation. And they are able to keep tents or temporary places cool in warm climates.

We never quit asking questions, and are completely devoted to finding you the most effective option. Our professional guidance comes standard. We inspect all our gear exhaustively before every lease. And in the event you will need assistance, you can count on our service any place on the planet.
No job, sector or branch of business is the same, so if a typical system isn’t satisfactory we’ll customize a method to your requirements. We’re the appropriate partner/provider when seeking customized options, since this is what our folks do finest.

Evaporative Cooling Fan
Easy to utilize, powerful cooling system for verandas, occasions, work spaces, and barns. Accepts a garden hose, while a total water tank supplies cooled atmosphere for 58 hours. Lowers temperature by 10 degrees for a portion of the expense of a conventional air conditioner.

Do not need to invest in an evaporative air cooler? Do not. Rent it Instead!
We realize that living in the fan alone is a tad hard particularly in the tropical metros during summers. So, we supply air cooler on rent at leases starting from only 250 AED. Plus, Our Outdoor AC and Outdoor coolers use less energy, enabling you to save huge on your monthly electricity bills. Our outdoor air cooler for rent is ideal for single rooms as well as the multi-directional wheels allow you to transfer the outdoor air conditioner round the home, from one room to another, with no hassles.
Our apparatus, belonging to well-known brands, also have attributes like a robust atmosphere throw, automatic louvers and honey comb pads for better cooling system. Picture coming back home from the scorching heat to ice cold atmosphere, reachable by simply changing a button on.
We deliver atmosphere cooler, set up and keep atmosphere cooler units for the whole occasion.
We use and keep our Evaporative cooler units the correct manner that is the reason why we’re the greatest.

Outdoor Cooler Rentals
Daily or monthly rental
Should you rent an Outdoor cooler or Portable air cooler for only a day or two for a special occasion, wedding, tent or temporary factory cooling?
Should you lease a Desert Cooler unit for more than only a day or two or for a complete summer season? It’s generally more affordable to get the unit rather than pay rental fees for prolonged intervals. Moreover, buying a unit will save you money year in, year out, season after season.
Or you also might want to just try out or demo a unit for some days before you get it. Call us and we can arrange to send a brand new unit to your facility at no cost for transportation and organize a lease at which you are able to demo the unit. Should you opt to return the unit, just call us and we’ll arrange a pick-up.

Are You Really seeking an Air Cooler Lease Supplier?
There are times when you must host an event but you understand which you’re going to really have a problem with keeping the atmosphere cool and comfy for your visitors. In this kind of example, atmosphere cooler rent may be the most effective option. We’ll take good care of transport, installation, removal and also make it totally hassle free for you.
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