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Outdoor AC / Outdoor Air conditioner

Outdoor AC / Outdoor Air conditioner

This Outdoor air conditioner is special and smallest portable air conditioner in range. This mobile air conditioner rugged design features a standard 220 V power source, it can handle temperatures up to 45°c. while traditional AC can’t.
This outdoor air conditioner can be used for indoor or outdoor also it can be used for temporary cooling can be installed anywhere without worry about extensive ducting work and installation.


Cooling capacity 13000 btu/h
Weight 60 kg
Power consumption 3.8 kw
Dimensions 460x600x1,072 mm


This outdoor AC can be used as indoor or outdoor air conditioner. also its the best solution for temporary, and Data-center / server room cooling.

Portable devices are used in a variety of applications, including HVAC system when the main goes down, you want the cooling in a certain area or extra cooling, and when just need a Outdoor air conditioner. Blocks, which can both cool and heat are in high demand, but also there are other trends that include remote monitoring and, for larger units, the ability to conform to the standard width of the doorway.

Airrex and Coolmax companies supplies these portable units, dehumidifiers, high-efficiency air filtration units and heat pumps for cooling and heating.
Bill Hohmut, Vice President of sales, Airrex said: “Our modules are used in residential and commercial applications. They can be used for cooling computer rooms, crops, animals, tents, open work areas, equipment, and mostly people/workers.
Heat pumps, which cooled and heated “will soon become the largest fastest growing sector on the rental market,” said Hohmut. “It is now possible to rent only one unit, which will warm up and cool down.”

Michael Bourdon

Michael Bourdon


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