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Outdoor AC and portable air conditioners


Portable air conditioner: 

Outdoor AC

Outdoor air conditioners come in with the right features which make it fit into our world, without draining our pocket empty. It is necessary to choose the right product which looks after your happiness and comfort, such is the outdoor AC. It gives you every reason to pick this over others. Unlike fixed installations which cannot be moved once placed, one can easily roll it from one place to other and it provides an easy storage.

Low energy consumption

There is a serious concern over the energy consumption when it comes to electrical appliances because no one would want to buy an appliance that adds on to your bill, a huge sum. The energy efficient rating of the portable air conditioner is relatively higher, with the value ranging from 14 to 16.6. Energy efficient rating can be calculated as a ratio of Btu’s in one hour to the watts which the unit takes in. Higher the EER better is the product.

Tired of evaporative coolers’ noise? Try portable air conditioner.

Unlike evaporative coolers or misting fans, these outdoor coolers do not create much noise. They offer a noiseless, cool environment to live in. Generally, these are observed to produce around or less than 50 decibels, which means, one can watch his favorite show with the portable AC on his side. It would not be disturbance but would add to your pleasure.

Vent your outdoor air cooler right.

People always find themselves in a fix, when it comes to choosing the right method. Single hose method is observed to be less energy consuming but less efficient in cooling since it picks up a part of the freshly cooled air, while throwing out the warm air from the room. The dual hose doesn’t have this problem and provides a better cooling experience, but is found to be less efficient in terms of energy consumption.

Say no to dripping of water.

The outdoor air conditioner provides various methods to dispose water collected by the dehumidifier. The best appreciable method is auto evaporation which does not require drains and does not bother anyone. The second method involves the use of a hose to drain the water content. It is advised to place the hose suitably so that the drained water does not scatter on the floor. The third method employs you to empty the tray once it gets filled.

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Michael Bourdon

Michael Bourdon