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Indoor / Outdoor Air Cooler

Indoor / Outdoor Air Cooler



This Indoor / Outdoor Air Cooler ideal for large workshop cooling with multiple speed set points and significant air flow up to 22,000 Cubic meters per hour this cooling fan size 46” motor power 1100 kW. With back side honeycomb evaporative media this industrial evaporative Outdoor air cooler can provide cold air with wet-bulb efficiency up to 85%. It can also clean the air from dust. Easy to move with caster wheels and it can be used outdoor for open areas providing huge fresh air flow.

Water tank capacity126L

Max airflow 22000m3/h
Voltage 100-127V/220-240V
Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Input power 1.1Kw
Blower type Axial-flow type
Water consumption 15-20L/H
Overall size capacity.126L 1120*720*1750mm
Weight 62Kg
Noise 68Db
Application area 120-180 m2

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