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TEC-80X Portable Cooler

TEC-80X Cooler

TEC-80X Portable Cooler

In hot and humid weather country like UAE its really very important to have AC or cooling appliance to keep your home cool. Portable air cooler is good option to help existing air conditioner to perform better with much less power consumption. Since air conditioners dehumidify the air. air coolers adding water to achieve comfortable humidity level indoor. This portable air cooler can be used also as outdoor AC or outdoor air conditioner. It provides much more air flow than air conditioners and it consumes much less electricity. Also this portable air cooler widely used as patio cooler in restaurants and smoking areas provides cold air in outdoor space.

This portable Air cooler is very easy to maintain uses only water. You can support it with ice cubes in order to get colder air.

  • Dimension:    1400X850X470mm 
  • Weight:           38kg
  • Airflow:           8000 M/H
  • Power:             380 Watt
  • Voltage:           220~240V
  • Water Tank : 100 Liter
Michael Bourdon

Michael Bourdon