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Market leader in evaporative desert outdoor air coolers, we focus on quality supply to provide better and eco-friendly outdoor coolers, high-quality outdoor air conditioners and misting fans for domestic and industrial customers in UAE.
Our patio coolers built for outdoor with premium quality materials

Get A Perfect Portable Air Cooler That Suits Your Need

High humidity and warm weather can make work and outdoor life difficult and uncomfortable, while you having a portable evaporative desert air cooler, therefore, can go a long way in regulating the high temperatures living you with a favorable condition. The portable outdoor air coolers & outdoor coolers are very efficient in controlling the restaurant, warehouse, factory restaurant outdoor area or house patio temperatures efficiently provided you are capable of identifying one with the right features that suit your needs. There are many portable air coolers out in the market, and so it’s important to check out and look out for what can suitably meet your needs.

Portable patio air coolers are very easy to work with because it can be easily moved from one place to another due to its compact design. There is also no installation cost involved, you just pick and air cooler Dubai plug once you are done you unplug and carry it with you.

Portable air conditioners and outdoor AC come in different types, sizes, shapes and with unique features depending on the kind you choose. We have a wide range of portable air coolers for sale and rentals in Dubai and Abu Dhabi and has a variety of accessories as well. All our products have been proved to be outstanding and deliver quality service. We also provide outdoor mist cooling products including mist fans and high pressure misting lines for Patios and outdoor waiting areas as well as giving full patio coverage making the outdoor events and the patios more relaxing and memorable. Arura Misting fan is perfectly designed for the Patios, its rattan style of design makes it take little shape compared to others; it has 360 mist fan with table and light, and it’s very efficient. Homeowners can as well use it for cooling their backyard parties and even weddings.

Outdoor air coolers rentals:

In case you just require portable air coolers or outdoor air conditioner outdoor cooling for a few days for an event, or as a temporary cooling solution, then hiring could be a better option. We rent Mobile outdoor cooler within Dubai and Abu Dhabi at a very affordable rate. The performance is guaranteed and since you hire you don’t have to care much about durability and cost effectiveness of the product.

we offer the best air-conditioners rental service in Dubai for outdoor events, Party, wedding, temporary cooling, or any other outdoor activities to provide professional air conditioning rental Business, our professionals, stand to do things,we promise a reasonable price to do high-quality outdoor cooler rental !
The most professional outdoor Air conditioner AC leasing unit leader in Dubai.
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Our team and industry experienced high-quality talent.Continuously improve our equipment quality.
for us the quality comes first, professional air-conditioning, air coolers and outdoor cooling machines technicians at your service , headache-free.
if you need to install, commission any kind of cooling products our professional technicians to provide on-site installation, commissioning work to ensure the perfect cooling operation.

Patio heaters Rentals:

We offer Patio heaters rentals as well within Dubai and Abu Dhabi

There is a broad range of portable evaporative air coolers, and outdoor cooling for commercial, industrial and residential applications available in Dubai and depending on the size you want and your budget you can always get a suitable portable air cooler for Dubai and UAE weather. There is quite a variety to choose from, ranging from the small light weight portable air coolers to the bigger ones you can always get one that suits your need and budget. Evaporative coolers sizes from 4,500 CMH and up to 35,000 CMH is efficiently designed for any size and budget. The lightweight, portable air coolers are very convenient for homes, offices, workshops for indoor and outdoor and can be moved around to different places. They are very efficient, and the wheels provide smooth movement.

Working in a cold environment has been known to improve efficiency and concentration when there is no external influence and heat stress coming from high temperatures, the body cools and concentrating on what one is doing is easy because there is no cause for the uncomfortable feeling. Having a portable air cooler in your work environment will not only make you feel good but boost your productivity as well.


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